Heartfelt Thanks to Our Retiring CSSANZ Foundation Board Members:

Pierre Chapuis, Chris Wakeman and especially our Chair, James Moore.

Tuesday 10 October was our last CSSANZ Foundation board meeting for 2023 where we bid farewell to some of our most dedicated and esteemed board members who have served our foundation with unwavering commitment. Among them is our esteemed Chair, James Moore, whose leadership, vision, and drive has kept us true to the mission.

Their collective passion for the colorectal specialty has guided much needed research to improve patient outcomes and advances in medicine. Their tenure wasn't just about length, but depth. Each one brought a unique perspective, expert knowledge, and a genuine heart for service. We are truly grateful for the hours, days, and years they have devoted to our mission to support and promote medical research.

Please join us in extending our deepest gratitude for their invaluable contributions. While they may be retiring from their positions, their legacy will remain an integral part of our foundation's journey.

Thank you James, Pierre and Chris, for lighting the path and for your unwavering dedication.